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How to Advertise your car or vehicle in BahrainSale website ?

The answer is very easy, just call one of our employees and they will come to your site and collect all the information and take snap images of your car or vehicle.

Important Note:

1- The collection of data and taking pictures of vehicles or cars is done by our representative for free for companies and showrooms

2- free of charge also for the person who depicts himself and photographed the vehicle and uploaded to the site of Bahrain Sale for the purpose of approval to post

3- The representative shall receive the amount
of 3 BD in the event that he performs the task of going to the site of the vehicle for the purpose of photographing and taking the data

4- In the event of the sale of the car or the vehicle posted on the site, Bahrain Sale will place a note (sold) for a limited period of time and the site will cancel the post of any car or vehicle at the advertiser's request


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